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Welch Allyn® Spot® Vision Screener

Save vision. Save Time.

The benefits of the Welch Allyn® Spot® Vision Screener don’t stop at faster, more accurate vision screenings. Order through School Health®, and you’ll get exclusive offers and a range of valuable extras!

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  • Dedicated Spot Vision Screener sales specialist
  • Free two-week trial
  • Stickers for your kids**


  • Free five-year PIC ($1,425 Value)
    • With the Welch Allyn Comprehensive Partnership Program, you will receive:
      • Expert Repair Services
      • Accessory Protection
      • Accidental Damage
      • Free Shipping
      • Remote Technical Support
  • Remote/Skype training
  • Certified vision screening trainers

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Success Stories

Vision screening is crucial for early detection and prevention of vision loss in young children—and new technologies have the potential to make those screenings faster and more accurate. We’ll leave it to our customers to share how Spot is making a difference for children—and for their organizations.

“I am so thankful the Oklahoma Lions Club used the Spot Vision Screener at Ryder’s school. I know we would have eventually discovered Ryder’s problem, but it could have been too late.”

— Emily, Ryder’s Mom

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Why Purchase Through School Health®?

Spot Vision Provider Vision Screening Sales Specialist Free two-week trial Stickers** Free 5-Year Warranty* Remote/Skype training Certified vision screening trainers
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*With the Hillrom Comprehensive Partnership Program Warranty for Welch Allyn® Spot® Vision Screener, you will receive: Expert Repair Services, Accessory Protection, Accidental Damage, Free Shipping, Remote Technical Support. Complimentary 5-year Hillrom Comprehensive Partners in Care support program is offered on the following School Health item numbers and Early Intervention Kits: #1003001, #1006090, #1007189, #1003012SP and #1035686.

** Stickers provided by School Health