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Welch Allyn® Spot™ Vision Screener

Faster, accurate vision screenings start here.

Protecting vision and preventing blindness for a whole cast of characters is an important part of your job.

And with the Spot Vision Screener, that job becomes a whole lot easier.

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The Spot Vision Screener helps support more comprehensive vision screenings—in a flash.
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Success Stories

Vision screening is crucial for early detection and prevention of vision loss in young children—and new technologies have the potential to make those screenings faster and more accurate. We’ll leave it to our customers to share how Spot is making a difference for children—and for their organizations.

“I am so thankful the Oklahoma Lions Club used the Spot Vision Screener at Ryder’s school. I know we would have eventually discovered Ryder’s problem, but it could have been too late.”

— Emily, Ryder’s Mom

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Product Details

Let’s bring better vision screening into focus.

Vision screening is essential for early detection and prevention of vision loss in young children. But for many schools and organizations, traditional screening methods eat up valuable time and resources. They can also miss up to 21% of school-age children who should be referred.4

That’s where the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener comes in. Now you can screen both eyes for six risk factors in just seconds, allowing for faster vision screening and higher completion rates.

“I performed a screening with the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener on a kindergarten student who was entering our school for the first time. The Spot Screener referred the student for anisometropia, which ended up being diagnosed by the ophthalmologist as amblyopia. Her mother came into my office, grateful for the vision referral sent home because she said that 'every year, her eyes were checked at the doctor's office with an eye chart and this was never picked up.”

Eileen Gavin, School Nurse
Middletown Township BOE

"The half Helen Foundation has used the Spot Vision Screener exclusively to conduct over 45,000 school-based vision screenings. Motivated by my own vision loss as a child, I am committed to advancing children’s vision health through innovative screenings and access to follow up care and corrective wear for children in low-income communities. Spot Vision Screener is an efficient and effective solution that is helping transform school-based vision screenings across America."

Chelsea Elliott, Executive Director
half Helen Foundation

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Clinical Evidence

Spot passes the eye test and has the clinical studies to prove it.

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